Gazebo Elite

Gazebo Elite

The Gazebo Elite is designed to guarantee maximum safety and protection from atmospheric agents such as rainwater and wind even when several modules are aggregated together.
This gazebo can be equipped with all kinds of furniture and optional extras, such as:
sliding side walls, interior lighting (neon, spotlights or wrought iron chandeliers), false ceiling and column covering
in fabric, levelable wooden floors, concrete anchoring planters, heating systems, and whatever else is necessary.



The Gazebo Elite represents the evolution of the modular structure of medium size and is characterized by substantial technical features that make it extremely reliable, resistant and at the same time simple and manageable. This roof is made up of a single four-pointed sheet that is tensioned by an aluminium structure that is placed outside; a single module can cover an area that varies from 100 to 144 square metres.

Misure Disponibili

Available sizes:

  • 8×8 mt
  • 10×10 mt
  • 12×12 mt


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