The grandstands of Giustozzi Service offer the possibility of increasing the number of seated seats for events with large audiences, allowing spectators a comfortable seat and a wider and more advantageous view.
A comfortable and favourable solution with further economical solutions, with benches, or more elegant in the option with body seats, possibly covered in fabric.

In the version raised from the ground, the grandstands allow the viewer’s view to overcome various types of obstacles up to 2 metres.
In fact, the success of an event depends on the perspective from which the spectator is viewed; with the grandstands raised from the ground, it is possible to obtain large stands with large lights, large front and rear overhangs and comfortable front corridors for the flow of the audience.

Hot-dip galvanised steel structure, fire load = 0.
The number of steps can vary according to the needs and spaces available with 1.57 m modules.